& FUNDRAISER INFO

We've been making some very satisfying, slow, and good-smelling boaty progress! The strongback has been built, the prows hewn, and the keel of Burr Oak has been laid.

Our downtown boat building office in the famous "Magic Smelt Parade Shop" continues to grow like a forest. We've had many wonderful visitors, both local and from around the world, come by with curiosity and words of encouragement. Often, it is "Wow! I had no idea that this was here!" and "smells great!" We've had visitors from all over Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Midwest, as well as Norway, Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Shetland, England, and Canada!

The nails (roves and rivets) of copper pennies (1981 and earlier) have been coming along nicely. Through community donations we've collected several hundred so far! We are now beginning to use the 4-handed plane to "thickness plane" the strakes (hull planking) to the desired finish and thickness. So come over and peen a nail, hew a rib, or plane a strake!

We are also sending out a plee for some critical financial aid to carry forth on this project as our rental manager is raising our lease significantly. We'll need to raise funds to cover these costs, or else we'll have to move by the end of month and put the project on hold (and eventually continue in a much less publicly accessible space). We'd hate to see that happen and will do everything we can to prevent it. If we are able to generate enough, the boat will continue on track to be launched by the end of June! So check out our IndieGoGo campaign page (HERE, and below as well) where you'll also find more information and photos!

Our hope is that with the excitement generated by the construction and voyages of this vessel, our forthcoming boat builds will be funded by commission, so don't worry - we won't be perpetually asking for money in the future! So if you are able, please, please, give now! Thank you so very, very much; tusen takk! If you, as an individual or as part of an organization, would like to own your very own faering on Lake Superior (with the condition that others will also get to enjoy its use in the proper way and under appropriate supervision), please let us know!

Many hands are going into this project and our desire is to have it owned and used by the people of Duluth and the surrounding area for many, many years to come!

We are building this faering with love and care with every swing of the axe or push/pull of the plane–and making many of the specialized tools that go into it.

With intent to make more beautiful wooden boats–functional sculptures–for the communities of Duluth, Lake Superior, and the Saint Louis River.

Many, Many Thanks!

John Finkle, shipwright
Nóatún Community Wooden Boat Works